Thursday, September 28, 2017

Benefits of adding yoga to your life

Yo! Do you Yoga?

Why Yoga? What benefits does it have?
Well? A lot!
In the beginning you have to
make room for yoga in your daily life,
and give it the place it deserves.
But after some time, yoga itself
will pull you up by the hair
and make you do it.

I started to fully dive into yoga about two year's ago, but have been doing it kinda lazily since I was in my teens.
I never really "got it" until I was fully dedicated and engaged in my yoga practice, that I acknowledged it was more than just breathing, twisting and prayer hands.
It was connection, balance, calm minded bliss.....
Once you fully understand how to silence the mind that is (takes a bit of practice)
I started to fully be dedicated to my practice as I have anxiety and a therapist suggested it to me as a therapy of sorts and a way for me to re channel my thoughts and breathe and focus. Once I started this a few times a week I started to see not only the anxiety getting less and less, but many other things were happening as well. And that's when I fell in LOVE with yoga.
Yoga relaxes the nervous system,which in turn calms the mind. When the mind is still, yoga teaches, you have access to deeper wisdom from within yourself, and both creativity and healing are facilitated.
Some of the ways Yoga Heals🙏
✔Increase flexibility
✔Strengthens muscles
✔Improves balance
✔Improves posture
✔Improves lung function
✔leads to slower and deeper breathing
✔Improves joint health
✔Promotes weight loss
✔Relieves pain
✔Improves psychological health
✔Encourages involvment in your own healing
✔Improves brain function
✔Lowers blood pressure
✔Fosters spiritual growth
And THAT is just a small list or a glimpse of the power of yoga!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Did you know? Multiple Sclerosis SUCKS!!!!

It SUCKS!!!! It AB.SO.LUTELY........SUCKS!!!


If you don’t have it….well, thank your lucky stars because the list of Crap (Symptoms) that comes along with it is horrible.

Let me give you a rundown on MS and some of it’s Symptoms in a nut shell……although the list could fill more of something like a dump truck in reality, but nut shell seems less scary. So here we go….


First, the most common Symptoms in MS are:

1) Weakness

2) Fatigue,Lack of energy

3) Numbness

4) Tingling sensations

5) Walking, Balance, coordination Issues

6) Dizziness

7) Blurred vision

8) Slurred Speech

9) Bladder/Bowel Problems

10) Depression

11) Memory Loss, Difficulty Concentrating, and/or Difficulty Solving problems

Sounds like no big deal right? HECK NO!!!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Each one of those has its little spin off symptoms that go with its parent symptom………oh the joys of living with MS! (Insert sarcastic voice and rolling eyes here)


Part 2 of the joyous symptoms (roll eyes) comes next! Ready?

*Sensory symptoms: Numbness,Crawling,Pins and Needles Hot/Cold Skin sensation, Burning,Tingling.

*Motor symptoms: Spasticity,Rigidity,Stiffness, Weaknes.

*Eye Movement Abnormalities:Diplopia,Nystagmus, Blurred Vision,Overlapping,Jumping Vision.

*Imbalance and Incoordination:Ataxia,Vertigo, Falling,Floating Sensation,Spinning,Balance Problems,Staggering,Weaving,Shakiness,Clumsiness,Slowness and other false sense of motion.

*Speech Disorders Dysarthria,Slurring,Scanned speech.

*Facial Nerve Abnormalities:Weakness,Palsy, Pain,Spasms,Myokymia (involuntary rapid flickering of facial muscles)

*Trigeminal Neuralgia:Momentary sharp electric or lightening like pain following a nerve.

*OtherBrain Stem-Cerebellar Symptoms:Dysphagia(difficulties swallowing) Loss of Taste,Loss of Smell,Tinnitus,Emotional disturbance,Emotional Lability,Depression,Psychosis and other Psychiatric disorders.

*Optic nerve attacks:Optic Neuritis,Uhthoffs Phenomenon,Flashing Lights or Spots.

*Cerebral Attacks:Aphasia,Hemianopsia, Hemeparesis.

*Transient Attacks:Tonic Seizure,Paroxysmal Symptoms

*Fatigue:Its in a class ALL by itself….NOT your normal tiredness!

*Types of MS:

1)CIS-Clinically Isolated Syndrome

2)Silent MS

3)RRMS-Relapsing Remitting MS

4)SPMS-Secondary Progressive MS

5)PPMS-Primary Progressive MS

6)PRMS-Progressive Relapsing MS


And that’s a nut shell!

Just a bit more info on MS for those who want to know or those living with it just looking to read more about our illness. So much goes along with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, but I can Blog,Blog,Blog till my hearts content on information!

Next time I’ll talk medications! Those lovely DMDs

Have an amazing day~

MS Unicorn

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The before,during and after..... And the AWESOME me who rose like a phoenix after my MS Diagnosis~

Always being the "Healthy" girl....
I was a cheerleader, i was on track and field, jumped hurdles (no pun intended) and even competed in track meets!
Over the years i still was taking care of myself,but with life,a full time job and a got harder to keep up with my routine and stay eating healthy and make good choices.
Once i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis i lost mind was taken over by the unimaginable.
How bad will i progress?
Will i be in a wheelchair in a few months? years?
What about my son?
How can i work?
Live a full life?
Do "normal" things?

These questions and more sped through my brain NON stop....for that entire first year after hearing the words " Miss Tamm.... I'm have Multiple Sclerosis"

After my year of googling everything and reading the worst possible things i could read....i was fed up! I turned to MS Lifelines and found a mentor who could help me cope and find my inner strength to keep going.
His name was Gary, and I'm still friends with him today and he's taught me so much and been such an encouragement,inspiration and positive soul in my circle.
If it weren't for the many emails and chats we had over those few months after the dreaded diagnosis day, I honestly don't think id be sitting here typing this out for all the world to read.
Now.... Once i was able to shake off the dust and ARISE! My head got clear and i new the first thing i HAD to do was take care of myself or i wasn't going to be able do this. I'd fall into another dark hole of despair and probably give up.
Not gonna happen!

I started to write.... Alot!
Pages on pages of journaling
It all came out in tears and ink.
Then i met another woman with MS who did yoga and meditation.
I started to ponder the idea....but figured i couldn't do it
And then.....i tried it!
Sun salutations!
That's what started it all.
Each day i would wake and stretch and do some meditating, then yoga and then my journal entry.
I was blown away at how quickly my body CRAVED yoga every day from that point.
I felt better!
I moved better!
I was less fatigued!
I was getting stronger!
I gained Confidence!
It boosted my mood!
My BALANCE was improving!!!
My symptoms from my Multiple Sclerosis were lessening and/or getting BETTER?!
Holy Crapola!
Well im not stopping.

Believe it or not? I've gotten alot of flack for posting my videos and photos online of my yoga practice.
No joke!
People who stated i don't have MS if i can do THAT!
Um..... Really?!?!
I CAN still do it and im going to continue until i no longer can.
Im becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher (i currently have 100 hours in toward my 200 hour RYT)
I am also a Reiki Healer level 2 and am the leader of an MS support group in my home town.
I use medical cannabis
I use supplements
I eat clean
I work out
Hula Hoop
Pole dance
And i longboard

Do i have bad days? Yea!
Do i have wretched days?
The days im in so much pain i feel like i may die?
Yup....more often then not.
But i will NEVER give up Yoga! Never stop doing and pushing myself to be better and stronger.
To speak with others on health and wellness and try to inspire those who think or are told "they can't"
I am a voice for those who seek an alternative.
A voice to shout out loud and proud along with you
I have days i DO want to give up.
But i look at my son.
I look in the mirror.
I look at nature and life and the people i love.
And keep going.
I refuse to let this autoimmune disease kick my ass....
So instead? I'm gonna try to kick IT'S ASS instead!
Ha Ha Ha..... Silly MS,you messed with the wrong Girl!

MS,Sadness and how to use Mindfulness to banish the blues

With MS comes the many ups and downs in our emotions.
✨The Blues
And if course that's only a few feeling that go along with MS. I gotta make a post about ALL the lovely moods we fluctuate with on the daily!
For Real!
Some days i am my own worst enemy.....I'm like a kid throwing a tantrum!
This is to show you how you can use Mindfulness to you advantage and bring yourself out of a low mood. 💥MAINLY SADNESS FOR THIS POST💥
Whether it's a certain heaviness or tears rising, feel the sensations as fully as you can.
Bring the sensation of sadness into the heart area. Simultaneously,imagine a field of space or sky stretching out behind you, maybe gold or deep blue in color.
Breathing the sadness in through your heart and into the sky behind you. Them breathe out, imagining that your breathing out the sky, with it's color, through your heart and into the room. Continue this for a while.
People who've lost loved ones or failed something important;people you know,people in the news.
With the sense that your taking in these people's sadness,letting it pass through your heart and dissolve into the beautiful sky behind you. Exhale, breathing the color and spaciousness of the sky back into the sad people (yourself included) its important here to breathe sadness through the heart and into the sky, and to breathe the sky back through the heart and into the sad images you've drawn in. You're not holding the sadness in your heart, but rather using the heart as a portal to let the sadness dissolve into the spaciousness of the sky.
You may feel an intimate connection with others or a sense of the impersonal nature of sadness. As you practice this more and more over time, you may notice that it arouses feelings of true compassion, love for yourself and others, and a recognition of your own self heart🌷